Our mission

Our mission

Connected health represents a revolution for patient autonomy. It lets us foresee an era of preventive, predictive, and personalized medicine, a promise that has long been overdue. Real-life data can now be collected and shared easily at unprecedented scales. The consumerization of healthcare is also decreasing dramatically the cost of early detection and remote monitoring. This is truly a paradigm shift. The Withings Health Institute’s mission is to accelerate the connected health revolution through a combination of in-house research and academic partnerships. We work in close collaboration with hospitals, universities and research institutions to promote scientific studies that use smart devices. Smart devices feed a virtuous circle of continuous optimization in healthcare by contributing to an ever-increasing culture of data-driven care. Analysis of patient generated data must help improve healthcare systems, much in the same way that we use data on a day-to-day basis to improve our devices and service offerings. The stakes are high, because we must learn to innovate in healthcare, better prevent diseases and learn to make this accessible to everyone.

Eric Carreel, President of Withings

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