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Blog - 06/04/2017

Data Reveals Link Between Activity & Happiness

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Withings Health Observatory

Thanks to the power of connected devices, Withings is able to provide a national health observatory accessible to the general public. Using real-time data, this tool allows us to track the prevalence of key risk factors linked to lifestyle: sedentary behavior, overweight and obesity, and high blood pressure. With the publication of anonymous aggregate data, Withings gives back to its users the collective intelligence they generate with their connected devices.


Discover the latest statistics on physical activity levels: the distribution of the number of daily steps, and the total and per-age prevalences of sedentariness.


Discover the latest statistics on physical activity levels: the distribution of the number of daily steps, and the total and per-age prevalences of sedentariness.


Discover the latest statistics on blood pressure expressed through: average systolic blood pressure as well as prevailing national trends and blood pressure levels nearing those of hypertension for different age categories.
The Withings Health Institute’s mission is to accelerate the connected health revolution through a combination of in-house research and academic partnerships. Smart devices feed a virtuous circle of continuous optimization in healthcare by contributing to an ever-increasing culture of data-driven care and remote monitoring of patients.
Eric Carreel, president of Withings

Supporting research with connected devices

The widespread diffusion of the Internet of Things and of smartphones is revolutionizing not only self and remote monitoring, but also medical research. Academics and researchers now enjoy a set of tools that have the potential to ease the research process and lower the cost of collecting data. Smart devices allow seamless data collection from users, and facilitate the recruitment of vast cohorts.

Our Scientific Partners

Foremost medical and research institutions have used Withings devices and associated data to conduct scientific studies.

The movement of patient-generated data (PGD) has just begun. It has immense potential – not just to help patients take on a far more important role in their own health care, but also due to the particular advantage of having context for their medical information from their daily lives. As this takes hold, it will require acceptance from the medical profession, which is unfamiliar and rather uncomfortable with this new way that data will flow. The ultimate goal is that it prevents each of us from becoming patients, so PGD may be considered a misnomer.

Dr. Eric Topol
The Scripps Research Institute

Connected health is reinventing how healthcare consumers and professionals interact by empowering patients with new tools and knowledge. The potential for improving both treatment compliance and therapeutic inertia is huge. Doctors must be proactive in embracing these changes.

Dr. Nicolas Postel-Vinay
Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou


Our commitment to protecting your privacy

At Withings, protecting the privacy of our users is of outmost importance. Ensuring that their data remains confidential and secure, in line with the strictest regulations, is at the heart of our mission. If you wish to know more, our Privacy policy can be found on our website.

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